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Pen Points - Jim Davis


“I thought you might like to have this,” he said.

I stared at the old beat up guitar. The strings were missing and one look at the brand and finish let me know it was an inexpensive student model that would not be worth the effort to restore. At the puzzled look on my face, Gary, a member of my church, grinned and said, “There’s a story behind this little guitar.”

Gary was raised in northern California and as a young teen attended a small Pentecostal church near Eureka. My parents were traveling evangelists at that time and came to his church for a revival. During the meeting Gary was intrigued with my dad’s simple straightforward picking and the rich sound of his vintage D28 Martin guitar. Dad noticed his interest and before the week was up, he walked into the church and placed a used but well tuned guitar into Gary’s hands Then, I’m sure, he showed him the finger placement for ol’ G chord. Knowing my Dad, he probably scouted out the local pawn shops and garage sales to find the guitar because that’s where he found the first instruments for me and my siblings.

That’s been twenty-five years ago. Gary married a girl from my church, moved to our town, had four children and never learned to play the little guitar. But he never forgot the love and encouragement from an old preacher who believed in him and was willing to make an investment with no promise of a return.

I didn’t hesitate.

“ You’re right,” I said. “I really do want this guitar.”

I keep it in my office where I can see it when I walk into the room. I can hear my father’s signature strumming and the old familiar songs but mostly I hear his heart. God has entrusted each of us with gifts and the greatest way to show our gratitude is to give it away. Every time I walk by the faded guitar, it always asks a question.
‘Who are you investing in today?”

Jim E. Davis

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Jim Davis About Jim Davis
Raised in the home of a pastor and evangelist, Jim grew up in a musical family that ministered all across the states, writing, singing and recording music along the way. One of his most recognized songs is, PREACH THE WORD, recorded by Gold City.

For the last thirty four years, he has directed the music department along with his wife, Darla, at a church in California. His love for photography will often be shared here. Jim and Darla have six children and six grandchildren.

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