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Weston & Christy Hinson ~ A Barrel of Plenty

If your life has been touched by the beloved Kenny Hinson, then I know you’ll know who I’m featuring this month. Weston may be the son of the late, great, Kenny Hinson, but he has made a name all his own with his unmistakable voice, and the anointed ministry that he shares with his wife, Christy.

Weston and Christy began their journey together as husband and wife in 2007, after meeting on MySpace, and only the Lord knew at that time what he had in store for this power packed team! They began their ministry together singing with Christy’s parents from 2007 to August of 2010, at which time they answered the call to full-time ministry. The Lord uses them to reach out to people across the country, fulfilling close to 140 or more dates a year.

When off the road, family time and rest is of utmost importance. Many don’t realize that artists life when off the road usually is a sacred time with family and friends, who I might mention usually are not a part of their ministry/professional lives. It’s crucial to be able to separate the two so they too can receive the ministry and fellowship needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. For the Hinson duo, that time includes going to movies, working on music and just relaxing at home “snuggling”. They are self-proclaimed “movie buffs” and enjoy that one on one time together. Weston states: “Christy and our daughter Jordan love to fish. I spend too much time getting their fish off the hook to enjoy it. LOL”.

Although it’s not easy to be away from your family and those you love, being in ministry is an adventure where you can gather so many memories and experiences along the way to look back on and treasure. There are those difficult times too, but it’s in those times that we learn and grow, and often hear the Lord speak to us. Never is there one experience that something can’t be gained, if you’ll just choose to look around. Such fun stories often come from off the road, so I asked both Weston and Christy to share something from their memory vault.

Christy, “Well one of my most memorable moments was this time when we drove over an hour from our hotel room to sing at a church in a really small town in North Carolina. We got there and set up and did our sound check, and then we needed to hurry and get dressed. I get a knock on the women's room door and it was Weston standing there looking at me wide eyed in his t-shirt and shorts and then he says, ‘I forgot my pants back at the hotel.’ I panicked! Lol! The pastor’s wife was so sweet she came up to me and said y'all don't worry, he can sing in what he has on. My thoughts were ‘Please NO!’. Well, Weston was determined to find something and he had 30 minutes to do it. So, I asked the pastor’s wife if there was a place to get a 6' 5 1/2” tall man a pair of jeans in this town and she laughed and said, ‘There is a mercantile store. They have jeans for $10.00.’ My thoughts were, no way are they gonna have his size, but he headed out and came back with him some $10.00 jeans and he looked good! Lol!”

Weston shares the following, “Well, there are a lot of memories but I have to say the one that sticks out the most would have to be the first month Christy and I decided to go full time in August 2010. We had taken a BIG step of faith! We both had been through major layoffs and finances were struggling at best. It seemed that every door we tried to go through was closed. We both finally said to one another ‘Do you think God is trying to tell us something? Maybe He wants us to go full time in this ministry of Gospel Music.’ We felt this to be God’s desire for our future. So our first engagement coming up was NQC…13 hours away! With fuel prices near an all-time high and our bank account near an all-time low…’why even go’ some have asked? Well, we had never been and the booth was paid for, and we wanted to honor our commitments so we just felt God telling us we should go. The week before we were to leave for NQC someone called and asked us if we would come that weekend and sing at a little camp meeting in a little Baptist Church on Cupco Street in Oklahoma? I asked Christy about it, and I said we could do it on the way to NQC but I also reminded her that it was way out of the way and we were not promised anything for coming. We didn't even have a hundred dollars to our name to get us gas to get to the Cupco Campmeeting, but then we had to get to Louisville, KY. She looked at me and said, ‘What do you feel God wants?’. I said, ‘I feel He wants us to go.’. Christy said, ‘Well then call them back and tell them we are coming. We will find out for sure if this is either God or us. If it’s God, then He will make a way.’. Well, we made it to the Cupco Campmeeting and we had church! Many different groups sang and some great preaching, but all night people were coming up to Christy and myself and handing us money saying, ‘God told me to give you this.’. The church gave us a place to stay that night, as well as feeding us some amazing food for dinner, and breakfast the next morning. Upon leaving the church the day after, we began to count the money from record sales, offering, and what people had blessed us with. Christy said the total…almost in a shocked excitement, and we began to weep and praise the Lord. I began to feel like the little widow woman with her barrel of meal that decided to be obedient to the Lord’s command and give what she had…and then watch God turn around and give a blessing of sustenance and plenty. Needless to say, we made it to NQC and the Lord kept putting back into “the barrel”! Big things happened that week of NQC 2010. Being our first time there, we had no idea what to expect, or even where to go or who to talk to. We felt like little fish in a big sea. Just a few days in we began to feel a little disheartened at our purpose for being there. We were scheduled to sing on Wednesday’s showcase at 1:00 pm and were fairly nervous about what to sing. We finally settled on “Call Me Gone,” which of course is my dad’s signature song, and were overwhelmed by the response. God had promoted us to the Main Stage to share our song with thousands of people not once, but twice. We were blessed to be able to sing with my cousin Matthew and have a great time in the Lord. To make a long story short, God began to open some doors for our ministry and we were able to be a blessing, as well as continue to receive blessings from God. We shared stories with friends, laughed, cried, and prayed with fellow believers, and had a wonderful time just being ourselves and celebrating God’s goodness. We had spent all we had to purchase supplies, lodging, fuel, food, etc. for our trip to Louisville and now NQC was over and all the crowds had returned home and the music had ceased…and reality began to set in…’what do we do now?’, I remember thinking to myself. Well, I have to go back to the little widow woman and her barrel of meal. Christy went back to the “barrel” and saw that God had again provided enough to meet the need and get us home. I’ll never forget that year because God proved Himself over and over again!”

Weston and Christy’s latest project is “Let’s Have Some Church” and was released at the end of November 2012. Six of the songs are original songs written by Christy, who is an amazing songwriter. They also covered a few favorites, such as “The Lighthouse” and “I’d Rather Have Jesus”. Christy says the first single off the CD is a song called “Let Me Tell You Again”, and was pitched to them last minute by Tery Wilkins and Adam Kohout. She states, “We picked it because we felt like it was a song the world needed to hear. The main reason is that they not only seem to have forgotten WHO God is, but how BIG God is! This song is God saying, ‘Child, let me tell you again just Who I am!’. Weston says it’s hard to pick a favorite, but they both agree it is possibly a song called “I Hold On”. Christy penned the song when she was going through her divorce, something she had to unwillingly go through. They believe it’s a song so many people will relate to.

A ministry just isn’t that if we don’t love Him and His ways and cherish all that He has for us. So many of the scriptures have spoken to my heart in different ways at various times and it’s hard to narrow down sometimes to a favorite. Personally, it may change for me, depending on the season of my life that I’m in. I love to hear what others favorites are and what it speaks to them. It may be that it could open that passage up to someone else and enlighten them on all He really has for them. That being said, I’m closing with Weston and Christy’s favorites.

Weston: Psalms 56: 8, 9 “8) Thou tellest my wanderings: put thou my tears into thy bottle: are they not in thy book? 9) When I cry unto thee, then shall mine enemies turn back: this I know; for God is for me.” Weston says, “For me it means, God sees me in my sorrow and He cares for me.”

Christy: Psalms 3:3 “But thou, O Lord, art a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter up of mine head.” Christy shares, “This is one of my favorites because He has been this for me so many times. From times of feeling like an outcast in my awkward teen years, the heartbreak in my young adult years and all the way to now, He is my protector and my Hope!”

I pray you’ve been encouraged in some way and that you are able to take something out of Weston and Christy’s story. If you’d like to learn more about their ministry and schedule, be sure to check their website out at

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Reader Comments:

Jana Hinson says: I love this couple (they are family) and I know God will use them greatly for His kingdom!
Keleen Carlson says: I know these folks personally and they live what they sing and preach. They are so very anointed and if you ever have them at your church, you will be blessed!!
Gwen & Doug Weaver says: I do admire Weston and Christy. They seem to work deligently for our Lord. The love for God and for each other just shines thru their pictures and their testimony. I love the Hinsons. I've been a fan since 1975. The Original Hinsons used to come to Augusta, GA alot. I hope to see you two here some day. God Bless You, Gwen
Bruce Minchey says: I love Weston and Christy, and it's exciting to see how God is blessing them and their commitment to minstry!
Edna Sloan says: LaDonna and awesome write-up of an awesome couple.

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