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We’ve traveled from coast to coast presenting the Gospel message. Many blessings come disguised as tests or obstacles, creating joy from hardship.

A few years back, traveling from my Texas home down I-20 to Mississippi, my motorhome began to get hot, forcing me off the highway to a stop. The engine was down. I contacted AAA and they told me the insurance would only cover it to be towed to Jackson, MS. Strangely, that was exactly where I was headed for the evening concert.

My wife was home with our son who was sick, so my mother and my daughter were with me. We sat on the shoulder of the road, trucks passing, rocking the house. A couple of hours later a huge tow truck pulled up and a big guy bounced out, introducing himself as one of my fans who sang a lot of my songs. He said, “We’ve got to get you to Jackson in a hurry.”

He towed us fast to the fenced lot of Empire Truck Center, then left. I signed in to the service center and got on the repair roster. Unable to move the coach, I called the promoter who arranged to pull my trailer to the venue. It was raining. I got there just in time to set up, but the concert went great. Afterward, they pulled my trailer back to the truck lot, and we spent the night in the motorhome. The next day, Sunday, I was booked at a church near Jackson. The pastor arranged to pull my trailer to his church, and God did great things in that morning concert.

I asked if anyone there could pull my trailer to Hattiesburg in south MS for the evening concert, and a man who worked for a rental company obliged. When we arrived, he told me he hated to leave, but had to get right back, then left us in the church parking lot. That evening was another great concert. I asked the gentleman helping me if they could possibly arrange to get my trailer back to Jackson. The pastor offered a church van to one of the helpers, and we spent the night with him and his wife. We had “church” at their home. They needed a move of God in their family and we prayed with them to victory. The next day was Monday. They took off work half a day to get us and the trailer back to Jackson to the motorhome.

The service manager told me the parts had to be shipped in for the next day’s repair, so we sat in the motorhome on the lot. The pastor of the Sunday morning concert came by and took us to the Fair that night. It was Gospel music night, and I knew most of the performers….it was great!

Back in the motorhome the next morning the serviceman knocked on the door and said the technician would repair the engine where it sat because the shop was overloaded. In a diesel coach, the engine is in the back, and much of the work can only be accessed from inside, under the bed, so he did the repairs inside while we stayed in the coach. We talked and shared about our ministry, and he opened up on all the troubles he was having in his home. We prayed with him there, and led him to the Master of all circumstances. We watched his burden lift, and with tears in his eyes he looked straight at me and said, “I’m the reason you’re here!”

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David Patillo About David Patillo
David Patillo, Southern/Country Artist, Musician and Songwriter, has received numerous awards, including ICGMA Male Crossover artist, Artist of the Decade and Mr. Gold Cross award. Writer of over 450 songs, he has charted 27 personal singles in Southern Gospel Music’s Singing News charts. His songs have been recorded by hundreds of artists including LeAnn Rimes, Karen Peck and New River, Three Bridges, and more. Most notable songs include: Ten Thousand Angels Cried, The Middle Man, Let The Living Water Flow, I Wish I Could’ve Been There and many more. He and his wife, Cheryl, reside in Texarkana, TX with his children, Haley and Andrew.

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Reader Comments:

Pauline Patterson says: I cannot say what a joy it is to have David Patillo on our roster of writers.I have enjoyed Davids voice and his song writing for years. I have had the pleasure of meeting David and his wonderful family. They are people of God and it is a pleasure to spend time with them on any level. I know our readers will not only love Davids article but will be thoroughly blessed.
Mitch pullen says: Wonderful story and david is a fine christian man, that I'm proud to call my friend.

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