"Nothing's Gonna Steal My Joy" is Joani Tabor's motto. This desire to have her life reflect God's joy is always at the forefront of her music. The impact is unmistakable when Joani, with bubbling personality, conveys her enthusiastic faith in concert. She has witnessed over 50,000 decisions for Christ in 20 years.

JOANI IS A COMMUNICATOR. Audiences will find her warm stage presence and her unassuming manner very refreshing. She has that rare ability to combine sincerity with excellence of presentation. Her delightful combination of music with many styles of songs appeals to listeners of every age. Joani’s clear voice which covers an astonishing four octaves has been best described as “intense vocal artistry”. She also plays the piano, organ, and flute. She is also in demand as a women’s speaker.

Born in Bluefield, West Virginia, she is no stranger to tragedy. At age eleven her childhood was suddenly interrupted when her father passed away. She credits her father, a choir director, for her love of music. A year later, when she became a Christian, Joani says, "Christ became my father.” Joani is a pastor's wife. Her husband, Dr. Glenn A. Tabor, Jr., prayerfully supports her ministry. The couple lost a child, and again she found comfort in Christ.

In 1990 Joani signed her first professional contract. This recording featured a national release, "Nothing's Gonna Steal My Joy". The song was charted nationally, an amazing accomplishment for a new artist's first release! She has had eleven songs to chart on the national Christian music charts. Every single release has been a national "hit". In all Joani has completed fifteen recording projects, a live video, and recordings of her seminar teachings. She has recorded on some of the largest and most prestigious Christian music labels. Her music has received great reviews. The Singing News magazine rated her "excellent".

Joani has quickly gained national recognition with an impressive "Female Vocalist of the Year", "Founders Award", & "Gold Cross Award" winning musical career.

Stations worldwide play Joani's music including over 900 in the United States and throughout North America, South America, Europe, the Caribbean, Africa, parts of Asia, and Australia. Quality Europe FM with listeners in 95 countries, has played Joani's music. On the "Short Wave Radio Network" Joani's music was heard in every nation on the face of the earth.

Joani has given over 100 television appearances, including four national networks; INSP (The Inspirational Network), Sky Angel Network, ACTS Network and The Family Network. She has sung with over 50 national artists including Cindy Morgan (Dove Award winner), Doug Oldham, John Starnes, Margo Smith & Holly, Kingdom Heirs (Dollywood Quartet), Billy Walker (Grand Ole Opry), James Blackwood, Bruce Haynes, Willie Nelson, and Barbara Fairchild.

Joani has given over 3,000 appearances "coast to coast" in all 50 states. She has traveled to every continent (37 countries worldwide) including Australia, Brazil, China, South Africa, Thailand, Japan, Zambia, Zimbabwe, England, Italy and France. She has sung at over 40 national events including the North American Christian Convention, the National Missionary Convention, the International Convention of the Church of God, the National Quartet Convention Showcase, and the Gold Cross Awards. She has presented numerous concerts at some of the nation's premier theme parks including, "Dollywood", the New Heritage USA, and in Branson, Missouri.

Joani has a "Master of Theology" degree. Besides having taught voice, she speaks for colleges, universities, retreats, and seminars. She has seen over 300 respond to Christ in a single invitation.

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