The Bakers, new to radio? Yes... Well, no. Many know Eric and Charlotte Baker from their former years with The Sons Family trio with Charlotte's mother, Gayle Sons. They made their way onto the scene under the Cross & Crown label with Eddie Crook in the early 2000's. Charlotte penned their very first radio single, "When I Start My Day With You". They quickly gained favor with fans, radio and promoters across the U.S.

After a break from full time ministry to work their home church, raise their children and welcome a daughter-in-law and now a grandson, they are returning to ministry on the road with their daughter, Abbi, now 16.

Their sound is closely comparable to that of The Sons Family. Abbi's voice is amazingly similar to her grandmother, Gayle, to the point that many have questioned if Gayle made a guest appearance on their debut album. Especially on their debut single, which is a recut of Charlotte's song, "When I Start My Day With You".

The new single was just released on the Patterson Promotions Compilation under the direction of Pauline Patterson, herself ( Radio/DJ's can get a FREE download of the new release by visiting Patterson's web site above.

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