SGN Scoops Interviews Pauline Patterson

The Southern gospel music industry, including promotions,
radio, and media, used to be largely influenced by men such
as J.G. Whitfield, J.D. Sumner, Jerry Kirksey and James
Very few women were entrepreneurial in this area in the
early years, but those that were, like Lou Wills Hildreth and Beckie Simmons, were strong and courageous ladies who
took the industry by storm.
Since that time, Southern gospel music and all of its many
elements, has grown to an extent where women have become
leaders, using their many skills and talents to expand the
industry and their sphere of influence.
One such leader is Pauline Patterson, of Patterson Promotions, based out of Corbin, Ky. Singer, speaker, concert promoter and DJ, Patterson began her radio promotions company more than 13 years ago.
“I started promoting in 2005, after hearing in my spirit in
concert one night these words, ‘Why don’t you do radio
promotions for them,’” recalls Patterson.
Some don’t know exactly what her job entails.
“As a radio promoter we send our clients to national radio
on Patterson Music Group compilations,” Patterson explains.
“They are available on our website, pattersonpromotions.
com, on our DJ corner, for radio all around the world. We
then promote that song to radio for airplay and or charting in the major charting publications.”
With all of her background in Southern gospel music, many
would think that promoting songs to radio would be a natural
fit for this hardworking lady. It’s not really, she says.
“Years ago, during my beginning couple years of promotions,
I would just long to work for what I called a real
promoter,” says Patterson. “See, the way I came into this line of work was instantaneous, and I had, I thought, no training.
I would sit around and think, ‘if someone would let me come
to work for them, I’d learn how to do this right.’
“At that time I was working my first song for the Sons Family, and it was a hit. That single, ‘Waiting for My Ride,’ written by Charlotte Sons Baker of the Sons Family, spent two months on (a national) top 40 chart at No. 36 and No. 32, moved into the top 20 and spent three months there. One day on the phone with Eddie Crook himself, (he called me, several times) I happened to mention to Eddie I’d like to work for a real promotions company to see if I was doing things right … to see how they did things. He said to me, ‘well, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’”
Since that time, Patterson has accumulated quite a few
clients. The original Sons Family was the first, and now she
works with the Wilbanks, the Hoskins Family, Tim Livingston,
the Hyssongs, Dean, the Bakers, Hazel Stanley, and more. The Hyssongs hold a special place in her heart.
“They are my longest-running clients at 11 years now,”
Patterson points out. “We actually haven’t missed a single
month of promotions since they started. I’m very happy to
see where they are today. They have been a big part of Chapel Valley (Music) for the last few years. I was with them from their first (national) top 80 until the last two No. 1 hits (‘Let the Hallelujahs Ring’ and ‘I Tell Them Jesus’).”
Patterson Promotions recently obtained the Southern Gospel
Times online e-zine and its weekly top 40 chart. This is
another hat sitting atop the blonde hair of this busy lady.
“I’ve always admired Pauline for the work that she does,”
says Rob Patz of SGNScoops Magazine and Coastal Media
Group. “She is relentless and driven to help those around her accomplish their goals.”
With her involvement and experience in the music industry,
this small of stature but very strong lady could have based
this part of her career in any genre. However, Patterson says that gospel music promotes Jesus Christ, and that is what makes it special.
“Music of all genres speaks into the heart of mankind,” Patterson shares. “What it’s saying varies. Gospel music is most important in that it is the good news.”
Patterson holds another leader such as herself in great esteem – a vibrant and influential lady who played a great part in the history of Southern gospel and still is affecting music of many genres, singer/songwriter Dottie Rambo.
“I feel she had a call of God that took her to the world, and from what I see, she was faithful to that call,” says Patterson. “Her music has reached this world for Jesus and continues to influence us to this day.”
Family and faith play more than a huge role in Patterson’s
world … they are her world.
“I am married to Ken Patterson, a retired coal miner, for 42
years on Jan. 30, 2018,” Patterson points out. “We have two
sons – Billy Ray, 45; Scotty Allen, 41; three grandsons and
one granddaughter-in-law. Our children have been our lives.
My heart’s desire and constant prayer is that they serve the
one I have spent their whole life teaching them about.”
This year is expected to be an exciting one for Patterson
“I will be going into my 13th year as a national radio promoter,” says Patterson. “God has blessed Patterson Promotions with more success than I would have ever imagined. It’s my desire for 2018 and beyond to reach more souls, and for me, that’s getting more airplay for my family of clients.
Many of them have a call to the nation and beyond. It’s
evident when you hear their music or are with them live in
concert. I desire more open doors with our radio DJs out
there. I need their help to reach the world for Jesus.”

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